List of Available A380 Passenger Flights

With the popularity of the Airbus A380 with passengers, many people would love the opportunity to book a flight on one. We maintain a list below based upon our own research and feedback from members of the public on the current airlines and routes that are served by the A380. If you are aware of additions to this list or have spotted an error, we urge you to contact us with the relevent information.


Air France

(AF/AFR, Book Air France A380 flights at

* Paris-New York AF006 and New York-Paris AF007
* Paris to Johannesburg AF990/AF994 and Johannesburg to Paris AF995/AF997


(EK/UAE, Book Emirates A380 flights at

* Auckland-Sydney-Dubai EK413 and Dubai-Sydney-Auckland EK412
* Dubai-London EK001 and London-Dubai EK002
* Dubai-New York JFK EK201 and New York JFK-Dubai EK202
* Dubai-Toronto EK242 and Toronto-Dubai EK241

Singapore Airlines

(SQ/SIA, Book Singapore Airlines A380 flights at

* Singapore-Narita SQ637 and Narita-Singapore SQ638
* Sydney-Singapore SQ222 and Singapore-Sydney SQ221
* Singapore-London SQ318 and Singapore-London SQ322
* London-Singapore SQ317 and London-Singapore SQ32
* Singapore-Paris SQ334 and Paris-Singapore SQ333


(QF/QFA, Book Qantas A380 flights at

* Sydney-Singapore-London QF31 and London-Singapore-Sydney QF32
* Melbourne-Los Angeles QF93 and Los Angeles-Melbourne QF94
* Sydney-Los Angeles QF11 and Los Angeles-Sydney QF12